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Deathmatch Levels g-i

3-28-98    GRIND  206k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Dennis Kaltwasser aka headshot
Dennis has made one heck of a good DM level. Made for 8 players, this map reminds me of "Guns and Ammo" which has also been featured as a Killer Map here on AWOQ2. If you liked "Guns and Ammo" then I know you'll love to play GRIND. Small but complete in every way, this map is the first DM map that Ive seen use the roatating doors. Of course, you will have to find that door, because it has a Mega Health in there, which should prove to be very useful in kicking ass. I fired this baby up and switched to my 640x480 res to take a nice shot of the level and saw the rotating door flip open to show off a nice set of staircases. I must say this is an excellent map and I recommend you download it to just look at the beauty in it. Not a misaligned texture that I could find anywhere. Get it if you know what is good for you.

2-14-98    Guns and Ammo   215K     DM 2-100 players
Authored by- Dan Proietti aka Danimal
   This is a really nice and clean DM level which does not have a lot of bells and whistles but it is so nice to just look at that it does not matter at all. Its a very closed in map, not very big at all, so I would not recommend more than 8 people playing this one. The textures just meld together beautifully and our old friend the Classic Quake Teleport Texture makes an appearance in this. Go get it if you are ready for a rocking frag fest.

6-22-98    Hamburger Train  461k    DM 2-12 players
Authored by- Pete '[KRON]' Yellen
This level is one of those levels that yell out "original". Sporting a large star in one of the rooms and lava crevices in another makes this level definitely one worth for those who want a fresh feel for DM. There always will be a weapon found on a slab of glass so just remember where to find those and you are sure to find a nice utensil capable of mass destruction. There are some nifty types of ramps seen all over the level and the lighting is fairly good except in a few spots where it is either too light or too dark. All in all this is a level worth taking a peek at and if you are looking for originality, this is one that shows that characteristic of originality off.

4-15-98    Hells Playground   256kb    DM
Authored by- Un4given
This level is very nice, not anything amazing, but it was fun to play, the texture job is pretty good and the use of colored lighting is amazing. The architecture is very nice also. There are some points in the map where I just stopped and looked at the beauty, although when 5 other people are all trying to gib you at the same time... ;-) I recommend this map to anyone who plays Quake2 and I would love to see this map on some servers. This mapper obviously has a lot of potential. I have been informed that he has more levels already in the works, including a (YEA!) CTF level. Keep an eye out.


10-20-98    Hell's Kitchen  604k    DM 2-6
Authored by- Jason Fink (aka ElFinko)
Another map that reeks of originality. Most of the map is played over lava, but you really don't have to worry about falling in. The majority of the floor is transparent and allows you to see that you are fighting over large pools of lava. Its a really neat effect and partially what makes this map fun to play. Its loaded with transparencies, like the ceilings that have a see through layer that give the lights an almost flare effect. I had to look twice to see why they looked like that. Its nice to see people trying new things when making maps and it seems to be paying off. Remember, originality is big in my books. This is a map that comes highly recommended.

12-31-97    Inferno Compound    406K    DM 2-10 players
Authored by- Greg 'Manx' Barr
A very good deathmatch level, perhaps the best on I have had the pleasure to play so far =) I really enjoyed the great architecture with some very nice details throughout the level. The game flow and balance were outstanding making this a truly fine deathmatch map. There were plenty of strategic places for you to get the full use of your weapons and I think the ugh.. campers would like it too. There's something for everyone in this map so get some of your friends to grab this level and have some fun!

2-3-98    Infernal Base   217K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Daniel "Gom Jabbar" Leinich
   This is just one of those DM levels that mix the two most common type of DM levels. The Hunt and the Arena. This is a great map for both. Not only are there many places to go and hide, there is a lot of space for a good frag fest. This map makes great for the hunt also. The Architecture is clean and the texture choice is great. I did not like the water that much though because that could really affect internet play. I hope to see more from this author soon. I really suggest downloading this DM map now!!!