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Deathmatch Levels Feb. 98

2-28-98    Fatality 2    492K     DM 2-20 players
Authored by- GiBFaCToRY
This is a map that says "Eat me". The construction was definitely well thought out and the architecture was marvelous. I especially liked the crates that had holes in them so you could crouch in the darkness and gib someone one in which can be seen in the screenshot, that could definitely prove useful, would you think shots or rockets would come out of an empty crate? Not me, until after this level. Every place is connected to create a very "Pipelike" effect with catwalks and sniper spots for all to enjoy. Definitely enough room for 20 players. Get it now!!!

2-28-98    Kick the P.A.    210K     DM 2-7 players
Authored by- Dennis Kaltwasser a.k.a. Headshot
Kick the P.A. sounds like a level that a 6th grader created but that is definitely not the case, this level is very well constructed and is definitely id influenced. A very simple layout provides for some very interesting play. Although it has a very simple layout, it has many rooms and some very nice, dark corners to peg someone from. Not really anything new in this level but that's ok, you will be happy to know that I could not find any misaligned textures. I really do recommend this level to all of you serious DM players out there. Get it..duh !!!!

2-22-98    All That I Bleed    444K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Ed Cope a.k.a. Scope
Every level that Ed has made for Quake 2, has been reviewed on AWOQ2. From Gib Me Liberty to Vostok Rising and now to a DM level that will make you go. WOW!! This was originally a test for outdoor environments but then, not wanting to waste the effort, made it a DM level. A great DM level at that. Especially river that you can well see in the screen shot on the right. One part of the level has a hallway/door that rotates around a big hole that you can use to get to different parts. Very Cool. His original intention for an outdoor environment that is very realistic has succeeded. The outdoors are really good and the computer rooms are nicely decorated and detailed also. If you want a really great level for DM play. I would definitely choose this one. So.....GET IT NOW!!!

2-18-98    StroggDM5: An Auxiliary Death    381K     DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Mark Major (aka Shmitz)
A wonderful addition to our killer maps selections. Mark just keeps getting better with every level he makes. This level has everything you and 7 other people need to have a blast! I found the layout to be near perfect for some serious game play. The architecture is superbly created and was a lot of fun to look at too! I thought it has just the right weapons and ammo too. Get this today and kill your friends and foes =)

2-18-98    Kandybase Two for Quake2    325K     DM 2-16 players
Authored by- Marin Gazzari - Kandyman
This is a one to one copy of Kandybase for Quake. I really enjoyed seeing it with the Quake 2 engine and know you and up to 16 of your friends will have lots of fun with it as it plays very well and has great weapons balance! The level looks as good as it plays so pick it up today!

2-14-98    Guns and Ammo   215K     DM 2-100 players
Authored by- Dan Proietti aka Danimal
   This is a really nice and clean DM level which does not have a lot of bells and whistles but it is so nice to just look at that it does not matter at all. Its a very closed in map, not very big at all, so I would not recommend more than 8 people playing this one. The textures just meld together beautifully and our old friend the Classic Quake Teleport Texture makes an appearance in this. Go get it if you are ready for a rocking frag fest.

2-12-98    The Abandoned Conduit   484K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- David Kelvin aka Kevlar
   "Come on in, the water's fine," This familiar quote is what this level is all about. The structure was beautiful and stayed true to the theme. If you are not fast, forget it, because you are dead. with 4 players, this will be a fast pace frag fest. The currents take you around the level with speed. So on your way into one section, pop a few grenades out of the water and keep going. Your sure to get a few frags like that. Overall this level was well done and definitely deserves the Killer Map award. Go get it, ummm, NOW !!!

2-8-98    Painkiller   162K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Sten Uusvali
   This is a well constructed map that gives the players a run for their money. They have to be quick, precise, and a good deathmatcher in this map. There is a few complex areas that will take some thought so you can get to the weapons but you can get to them. I did not seem to be able to find the BFG10k so it might not be in there but that does not matter. This map is a clean all the way through and the textures are a pretty good choice. The only thing is that there is one or two places that I got stuck but overall a very nice map and definitely deserves the Killer Map award. Well, why are just looking at this review ?? GET IT NOW !!

2-7-98    Prelude   380K     DM Unknown players
Authored by- Marty Howe
   This level is a really spacious type level. Lots of room for action. Most of the level was really detailed except for one spot which Ill say more about in a sec. There were many computer terminals and the weapons were fairly balanced. The outdoor part was kind of wacky because it was really REALLY light. it was not really rocky or anything and there was a worthless well of water in one corner. That area is however very good for some open shooting. Just download it and see for yourself.

2-3-98    Infernal Base   217K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Daniel "Gom Jabbar" Leinich
   This is just one of those DM levels that mix the two most common type of DM levels. The Hunt and the Arena. This is a great map for both. Not only are there many places to go and hide, there is a lot of space for a good frag fest. This map makes great for the hunt also. The Architecture is clean and the texture choice is great. I did not like the water that much though because that could really affect internet play. I hope to see more from this author soon. I really suggest downloading this DM map now!!!

2-3-98    Vanguard Spectacle II   323K     DM Unknown players
Authored by- Larry Herring AKA "Rocketman"
   This level was made by one of Ion Storm's level designers and it shows he deserved to be there. This level has some really great architecture and uses plenty of variety in his choice of textures. I liked how he had the arena type DM setup so you could easily dodge fire. There is a big hole in the middle that leads to the bottom of the level, which is very convenient. I really liked the idea of Tarzan used in one of the areas in the level where you run and jump to get to a ladder on the side. The only thing I did not like was there was a somewhat easy chance to fall in lava if you were not careful. But that does not make this a bad map at all !!! I recommend this map to anyone so I'm talking to YOU. Get it now !!!!!

2-2-98    Wrench   280K     DM 2-10 players
Authored by- Randy G
   I usually do not enjoy a closed in type of DM map but this time I will definitely make an exception. This is an excellent map with not one mis-aligned texture that I could find. The textures were used perfectly. There are a lot of places to hide but it is still possible for someone to see you so do not hide there for long otherwise kiss your life goodbye. There are a few spots where you can possible get stuck. This is the only big complaint I have of this beautifully constructed map. Get it NOW !!!