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Deathmatch Levels Dec. 97

12-31-97    Inferno Compound    406K    DM 2-10 players
Authored by- Greg 'Manx' Barr
A very good deathmatch level, perhaps the best on I have had the pleasure to play so far =) I really enjoyed the great architecture with some very nice details throughout the level. The game flow and balance were outstanding making this a truly fine deathmatch map. There were plenty of strategic places for you to get the full use of your weapons and I think the ugh.. campers would like it too. There's something for everyone in this map so get some of your friends to grab this level and have some fun!

12-28-97    UMBRIEL STATION: Reactor Core    271K    DM 2-6 players
Authored by- Richard Dale Carlson
This level since it has been revised is now pretty stunning when viewed with my 3dfx card. The lighting is great and the overall layout is excellent too. I sort of felt like I was on a 3d chess board with this one with the multi-levels and ledges he has included. There are even two secrets which will come in handy. I know you will enjoy this fine map.

12-27-97    StroggDM2: House of Glass    468K    DM 2-16 players
Authored by- Mark Major
This promises to be a great deathmatch level. There are a lot of cool effects in it and it seems to be very well balanced and should prove to be a lot of fun. The lighting is very nice and there are some special effects which were really cool. The level layout was superb with many things to do and go to. Get this one today and start wasting your friends =)

12-24-97    Armageddon 5    930K    DM 2-24 players
Authored by- Matthias Worch
This is a great dm map which was a lot of fun to play. I really loved the smooth layout of this map and was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of things to do. It offers a little of everything from good architecture to some great combat situations and was well balanced deathmatch level. This level will be a lot of fun for all and I wouldn't be surprised to see it on a server soon.

12-21-97    The Warfare Warehouse 2    434K    DM 2-16 players SP (sort of)
Authored by- Ludovic Texier
A really intense deathmatch map with a lot of things to do. It had great balance and provided areas for just about all types of combat situations. I liked it also because it has a single player mode full of monsters which were pretty tough to beat! Too bad he didn't put an exit in it...

12-21-97    Remake of DM4 for Quake II    222K    DM 2-? players
Authored by- Antonio V.
This is a good solid remake of dm4 for Quake. A good solid conversion of one of my favorite deathmatch maps. It will do a great job of giving you the feel for Quake2 deathmatchs.

12-21-97    Stroggos Outpost    238K    DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Mike Lundy (Zorilla) and David Lundy (Acid-Jazz)
This level seems to have all the right stuff. You will find plenty of places to go, good weapons balance and I liked the fact that it was part indoors and out doors which the authors blended together quite nicely. The lighting effects were also good. Get this level today and try to stay alive!

12-20-97    Lascerate    218K    DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Mike Daugherty
A fine deathmatch map with good balance and superb colored lighting. This was truly fun when a friend and I tried it out yesterday (even though he kind of kicked my ass =). The level has the right feel and seemed to be just the right size and has the potential to become a favorite of mine being it was the first deathmatch level I have ever reviewed. So, get it, grab a friend or 3, and check it out today!