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Deathmatch Levels d-f

1-31-98    Da Tank   330K     DM 4 players
Authored by- Invictus
   From one of the level authors from the MOD Fantasy Quake: Rise of the Phoenix comes a "hands down" superb level. This level definitely reflects an arena type of DM level and does it very well. The hallways give you a nice bit of room even for Internet play. The level does not slow down at all during gameplay. I especially liked the Star base type setting that was used for this level. The only complaint I have about this level was the lack of using textures. I only saw a few kinds of textures. This is definitely a minor complaint. Go get this great level TODAY !!!

9-8-98    Desperation's Edge  490k   DM 2-8
Authored by- Jason Jeannette (aka Bugman)
Bugman strikes again. IMHO this is definitely the best of the whole BugDM series of maps. A waste theme sets the mood as does the lighting. Architecture is some of the best I've seen in Bugman's maps. I really like the waste theme, and so does the Bugman. However, he seems to have run out of ideas for the waste them and a base themed map is already well into production. I can't wait. As is the norm in all of this authors maps, the flow and balance is done to perfection. If you haven't tried any of the BugDM series I strongly urge you to download this map.

12-21-97    Remake of DM4 for Quake II    222K    DM 2-? players
Authored by- Antonio V.
This is a good solid remake of dm4 for Quake. A good solid conversion of one of my favorite deathmatch maps. It will do a great job of giving you the feel for Quake2 deathmatchs.

7-18-98    Envy Flows  600k   2-14 players DM
Authored by- Mike Daugherty (aka Jerkoff)
Another map that poses some unique situations. First off, this is one of the best uses of a wind tunnel that I have encountered in a DM map, it's exactly where it should be. The large rotating agitator that houses the BFG10K is placed so that any person trying to get the BFG is bound to be seen by someone. Textures are great throughout and lighting fits the dark, gritty theme of the level. A smart person would use those darker areas to their advantage and go for some sneaky kills. I would have to recommend at least seven people in this one, with all the darkness it would be wise to watch your back. :)

5-5-98    Evil Hours  3o7K   DM 8 -10 players
Authored by- Robert Selitto
Although it is a remake of an old Quake dm level it still ROCKS. This level is great for 6-10 players and maybe even more. The balance is really nice all the way through it. There are plenty of advantage places for the players lucky enough to have the grenade launcher and it has two large areas for the battle of your lives. The interconnectivity (like the new word?) of this level was amazing with its fine looking hallways, stairways, and ladders, and made for excellent game flow and easy accessibility to all areas of the map. And on top of everything else it is a very good looking level with plenty of eye candy. Be the first one on your block to get this really killer DM map!

2-28-98    Fatality 2    492K     DM 2-20 players
Authored by- GiBFaCToRY
This is a map that says "Eat me". The construction was definitely well thought out and the architecture was marvelous. I especially liked the crates that had holes in them so you could crouch in the darkness and gib someone one in which can be seen in the screenshot, that could definitely prove useful, would you think shots or rockets would come out of an empty crate? Not me, until after this level. Every place is connected to create a very "Pipelike" effect with catwalks and sniper spots for all to enjoy. Definitely enough room for 20 players. Get it now!!!

3-8-98    Fear in your Eyes    331K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Warren Marshall a.k.a. Taskmaster
This is a nice map that could contain about 8 players, but he built it for 4. Lots of Glass and Rotating Brushes (Architecture). I think all the weapons are there, nothing really spectacular about this level, but it should prove for many interesting frag feasts. This level looked fairly symmetrical and the way he did it was well thought out. So, you should not be sitting there reading this review, YOU should be DOWNLOADING it...well..NOW!!!!

3-21-98    Fingers' 1st Quake2 Deathmatch level  179k   2-4 players DM
Authored by- Iikka Keranen aka Fingers
Although not as good as his first, Iikka shows solid construction and pretty basic DM level, the lighting is pretty good. As far as I can tell, this level is his first attempt at Quake 2 editing. I really do like the big hole which is shown in the screenshot because you can pop some grenades down there for fairly easy kills. The texture alignment is perfect. Nothing really super interesting but this level should prove for a nice 1 on 1 or maybe even 4 or 5 people, but 8 is more than plenty to have a nice gib fest. Even though it is basic, I still recommend you to download this map.

3-7-98    Fingers' 2nd Quake2 DM Level    245K     DM 2-6 players
Authored by- Iikka Keranen a.k.a. Fingers
I can see why Ion Storm hired Iikka, not only can he build great maps, but he can build them in very little time, this map was made in 3 nights, and it is utterly amazing. The only thing I cannot get used to is the bottomless part which is cool in a way, but I just do not dig it. I think I saw all the weapons in this level, except the BFG10k, although I could be wrong. Nice Open halls, Texture alignment, basic flow of the level. In other words, a very VERY COOL level. Get it, otherwise ION storm might get upset, we do not want that do we ??

4-21-98    Fingers' 3rd Quake2 DM level  390K    DM 2-6 players
Authored by- Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
Once again, Iikka has but out a great map for us all to play, once again it is kept fairly simple, this level reminds me of one of the DM levels from id. It is very well built, and features a nice rotating brush (you'll know it when you see it), which helps you get to the top floor, a nice space theme is set, with a medium lighting tone, I believe all weapons were in place, and ammo is in good supply. Nothing really great and new in this, so it is fairly basic, but it seems that basic improves on the r_speeds, which is good, for a gibben good time, get this Killer Map NOW!!

8-6-98    Fragbase  582k   2-11 players DM
Authored by-Francis De Schepper
This map sports the some of the most solid looking architecture I've ever seen. Having more than enough room for 10 or 11 players, this one should be great for some lan parties. I think everything is in there, but you are gonna have to work to get some of the better stuff. It may run a little slow due to the massiveness of some of the rooms but it shouldn't be too bad. There were even some death traps in here to kill the unwary space-marine. Another map that comes with my recommendation. Outstanding.