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Deathmatch Levels August 98

8-27-98    The Septic Tank  853k   2-12 players DM
Authored by- Jason Jeannette (aka Bugman)
A very large map with a few unique characteristics. Done in the waste theme, this spacious map has more than enough room for all you and quite a few of your friends, making it an ideal lan party map. Textures are done very well and give a solid look which goes well with the solid look of the architecture. Most rooms have alternate exits which leads itself to some cat and mouse games if your playing someone who can't handle close combat. The balance of the map seems good. I haven't had a chance to test it out. A good map that is worth the download.

8-27-98    The Refinery  340k   2-10 players DM
Authored by- Barracuda
Another great DM map! This medium sized map has some of the best ambience I've seen in a deathmatch map. At no point in the map did I ever deny actually being in some sort of refinery. From the ambient sound to the gritty textures and great lighting, this map has it all. Power-ups are placed so that you give your position away while getting them (most of the time, anyway). Expect some really fun deathmatches in this map. My only question? What are they refining?

8-27-98    XL Salvaged  299k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Graeme Timmins (aka ProdigyXL)
Man oh man, I love the XL series of maps. This time around the author strays away from the usual "slimy place" theme that I love, and replaces it with a base theme that proves to be every bit as good. I was informed by ProdigyXL that this map was actually going the the big recycle bin in the sky when he decided to, well, salvage it :). Thank you very much for submitting it!! As with the rest of the XL series this map sports outstanding design and layout, superb texturing, and great balance. You will enjoy this map so download it now! Keep them coming Graeme!

8-23-98    XL Rush  168k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Graeme Timmins (aka ProdigyXL)
In case you don't already know, maps resembling "The Slimy Place" are my favorites. XL Rush follows in the footsteps of XL Rusted Over with the same overall theme. Again you have to work to get the better power-ups and armor, I love it when people try to get a quad, only to fall right in front of me where they are made a few pounds lighter by the meat my super shotgun blows off of them :). You can play this map with pretty much any number of people, it's always gonna be fun. This authors best work so far, and I can't wait for the next "XL" map.

8-23-98    The Oppressor  295k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Michael Shand
Certain mappers always leave me waiting for there next release. Micheal Shand is one of those people. Micheal always mixes fast paced action with balance and this map certainly is no exception. The theme is kind of a mixed bag and my best guess would be a sort of installation/base theme. Not one texture out of line, and not a light out of place. No _real_ camping spots, but if you are a camping freak (I call them outdoorsmen...), and you look hard enough, there is one really good spot to sit. Another great map by Shand.

8-23-98    A Red SMudGe  376k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Christian Cummings (aka guf)
This very vertical map sports very fast play and not a lot of stuff to hide behind (nothing at all, really :). A good, solid deathmatch map that really should be played with at least six, maybe seven people. In fact, the more people you get into this huge map, the more fun it is gonna be. In the text file the author hints at more maps along the same line. Large but sporting low r_speeds, this map offers a refreshing deathmatch experience by not making you hunt down your opponent. Highly recommended.

8-8-98    Synthetic Origin  198k   2-6 players DM
Authored by- Mike Daugherty (aka Jerkoff)
I really like the simplistic design in this map. There is just enough arcetchture here to keep you interested. Texture usage fits the overall feel of the map and the lighting lends to the atmosphere. I think the wind tunnel could have just as easily been a lift but it works well with the rest of the level. The map is set up so that you can easily escape if your being followed, which is something you don't see in a lot of maps. One more thing, Eraser bots love this map. The dynamic node table generation lasted around five minutes before it was complete. Another hats-off go to Mike.

8-8-98    XL Rusted Over  202k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Paul Timmins (aka ProdigyXL)
As well as being such an obvious Prodigy fan, (Prodigy being my absolute favorite group) this author shows he has some real talent. The map is very well made with rooms intersecting other rooms and many avaliable places for cutting off or suprizing other players. Weapons and ammo are placed very well throughout and no player start has a real advantage over another. The author makes you work to get the quad and mega-health, so you better learn to rocket jump :). A few texture problems were noted, however the outsatnding level design more than makes up for it. I would recommend around six players for max enjoyment.

8-6-98    Fragbase  582k   2-11 players DM
Authored by-Francis De Schepper
This map sports the some of the most solid looking architecture I've ever seen. Having more than enough room for 10 or 11 players, this one should be great for some lan parties. I think everything is in there, but you are gonna have to work to get some of the better stuff. It may run a little slow due to the massiveness of some of the rooms but it shouldn't be too bad. There were even some death traps in here to kill the unwary space-marine. Another map that comes with my recommendation. Outstanding.