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Deathmatch Levels Apr. 98

4-26-98    Shadows and Imaginings  343K    DM 2-16 players
Authored by- Daniel Nolan aka Trebz
This level really kicked. It was great from the beginning to the end. It was fairly balanced throughout the level, most weapons were there. The outside area was nicely done with a spot in which to fling ammunition down on your opponent, hehe. The architecture is great, it has a new type of elevator that I have not seen before, really nice looking. It is to bad that he did not make the elevator go up more. The lighting was kind of erie and its too bad that you cannot equip levels with new music. If you could, you would probably want to use a Ambient Doom track. Overall this DM level is really cool and you should try it, if not for yourself, for your country, hehe. Well, get it and stop reading my lame review.

4-21-98    Revenge I  636K    DM 2-16 players
Authored by- Denis Moeller aka Panza
I really liked this level as soon as I started it up. It has a kind of Aztec/Mayan Indian Temple feeling to it. Definitely refreshing to all the Technological ones we've seen here. Just for that, it deserves this killer map. The author did not stop on that though. The level fits together so perfectly, and smoothly. The architecture is great, it has a new type of elevator that I have not seen before, really nice looking. It is to bad that he did not make the elevator go up more. There are also three grinding wheel cylinders, which, when you try to obtain the BFG10k, you could easily get in it and well, I guess you get the idea. Overall, this map is great, should be great for about 8 players. I would recommend this level to anyone. Am I telling you to download it? Well, YEA I AM. So get it.

4-21-98    Fingers' 3rd Quake2 DM level  390K    DM 2-6 players
Authored by- Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
Once again, Iikka has but out a great map for us all to play, once again it is kept fairly simple, this level reminds me of one of the DM levels from id. It is very well built, and features a nice rotating brush (you'll know it when you see it), which helps you get to the top floor, a nice space theme is set, with a medium lighting tone, I believe all weapons were in place, and ammo is in good supply. Nothing really great and new in this, so it is fairly basic, but it seems that basic improves on the r_speeds, which is good, for a gibben good time, get this Killer Map NOW!!

4-15-98    Hells Playground   256kb    DM
Authored by- Un4given
This level is very nice, not anything amazing, but it was fun to play, the texture job is pretty good and the use of colored lighting is amazing. The architecture is very nice also. There are some points in the map where I just stopped and looked at the beauty, although when 5 other people are all trying to gib you at the same time... ;-) I recommend this map to anyone who plays Quake2 and I would love to see this map on some servers. This mapper obviously has a lot of potential. I have been informed that he has more levels already in the works, including a (YEA!) CTF level. Keep an eye out.

4-1-98    Gom Jabbar  213K    DM
Authored by- Taltos [Noel Weer]
A darn good deathmatch level for up to 8 people but really suited better for 3 or 4. I ran this level with 3 Eraser bots and had a great time. The item balance is great providing the players with plenty of what you need to get the job done. This is one of the best deathmatch levels I have seen for its small size. The architecture was very nicely detailed giving the player plenty of eye candy while getting his behind blown off! The map flowed well with every part of it connecting smoothly. There were plenty of vantage points for you or your opponent to take advantage of. Get together with a couple of your friends and try this level today.