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Deathmatch Levels a-c

2-22-98    All That I Bleed    444K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Ed Cope a.k.a. Scope
Every level that Ed has made for Quake 2, has been reviewed on AWOQ2. From Gib Me Liberty to Vostok Rising and now to a DM level that will make you go. WOW!! This was originally a test for outdoor environments but then, not wanting to waste the effort, made it a DM level. A great DM level at that. Especially river that you can well see in the screen shot on the right. One part of the level has a hallway/door that rotates around a big hole that you can use to get to different parts. Very Cool. His original intention for an outdoor environment that is very realistic has succeeded. The outdoors are really good and the computer rooms are nicely decorated and detailed also. If you want a really great level for DM play. I would definitely choose this one. So.....GET IT NOW!!!

2-12-98    The Abandoned Conduit   484K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- David Kelvin aka Kevlar
   "Come on in, the water's fine," This familiar quote is what this level is all about. The structure was beautiful and stayed true to the theme. If you are not fast, forget it, because you are dead. with 4 players, this will be a fast pace frag fest. The currents take you around the level with speed. So on your way into one section, pop a few grenades out of the water and keep going. Your sure to get a few frags like that. Overall this level was well done and definitely deserves the Killer Map award. Go get it, ummm, NOW !!!

12-24-97    Armageddon 5    930K    DM 2-24 players
Authored by- Matthias Worch
This is a great dm map which was a lot of fun to play. I really loved the smooth layout of this map and was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of things to do. It offers a little of everything from good architecture to some great combat situations and was well balanced deathmatch level. This level will be a lot of fun for all and I wouldn't be surprised to see it on a server soon.

8-27-98    The Septic Tank  853k   2-12 players DM
Authored by- Jason Jeannette (aka Bugman)
A very large map with a few unique characteristics. Done in the waste theme, this spacious map has more than enough room for all you and quite a few of your friends, making it an ideal lan party map. Textures are done very well and give a solid look which goes well with the solid look of the architecture. Most rooms have alternate exits which leads itself to some cat and mouse games if your playing someone who can't handle close combat. The balance of the map seems good. I haven't had a chance to test it out. A good map that is worth the download.
9-16-98    Blue Thunder  250k   DM 2-4
Authored by- Eric Boltjes
This map seems to be highly influenced by the warehouse, using the same texture theme at least. The weapons are fairly spread out so you won't get all of them too quickly. Pacing and flow is done very well. The lighting is nice and dark (but not too dark), which is a change of pace from these near fullbright maps. A nice map for 3 or 4 players.

3-22-98    Closed Particle Loop  1.1M   16+ players DM
Authored by- Brent "Veldrin" McLeod
Words do not describe the complexity and variety in this great DM level. This beats ANYTHING I have ever seen in a DM level. The level has many places in it that you can tell from the other places so that you know where you are like cavern's under the central base, the central base, and the river. There are many things that I have never seen in a DM level such as the waterfall's used (you will know it when you see it). To keep the speed up in the level, Brent used a texture for ladders instead of using the standard brushes. It works very well like this and would be nice to see it appear in other large levels to keep the speed up in DM. He used the Glass texture for part of the floors but did not give it transparency, which makes it look really cool. Due to its dark, space theme, lighting is very good. This level was so good that it deserved 2 screenshot's, no other level we have reviewed here at AWOQ2 has gotten that privilege. So much creativity was put into this and it totally deserves the Killer Map Award, and it will be on my Top Ten DM list forever. Lets just say that in my opinion, this level beats any of the id DM levels. You would be smart to download it now and stop reading !!!

6-25-98    Compass  317k    DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Dmitry *Vondur* Svetlichny
Once again another one-of-a-kind map has appeared on AWOQ2. This level reminds me of "The Warehouse" aka q2dm8 by id, many catwalks are overhead and on just about every catwalk there is enough space to aim down on the floor below you. The thing that really makes this level original is the compass located in the center of the map, complete with moving needle and letters (pictured in screenshot). I believe all weapons are included except the BFG10k and the texture alignment is great, along with the lighting. This will make for great DM play and if you enjoyed playing "The Warehouse" by id, you are sure to enjoy this one.

5-9-98    Confidence Lost  1.5M    DM 2-32 players
Authored by- Craig Sparks - BotanikA
From one of the people that gave us King of the Hill comes one of the MOST awesome DM levels I have ever had the chance to play. This level is a complete knockout, from the small castle with the BFG (pictured at right), to the underground rivers, to the beautiful decorated gardens (also pictured). Not only is this level beautiful, but it is what Deathmatching is all about, large areas to fire, with some small cramped areas and some places with some really neeto leeto stuff. Jump off the bridge to ride the rapids down into the caverns and grab some ammo and weapons. What would really be cool is to drop some grenades to the unsuspecting foe in the gardens. He go BOOM !!! BLOOD ALL OVER THE GARDENS AND PLANTS. HAHAHA. Sorry, its just that this level is so cool and fun to play, and is very large and detailed. The one complaint though, and it is minor, is the one area with a LOT of glass, which greatly reduces the play down to snail speed, but that is on my P166. If you want to see one of the best DM levels of all time, GET THIS ONE, and I promise you will never regret this download. I had better see this level on a server soon!!!

7-18-98    Corsailles  206k   2-10 players DM
Authored by- Mike Daugherty (aka Jerkoff)
Another well made DM map. With some unique architecture and situations, this level gives the user something new. The weapon placement is good. Power-ups are placed in a tactical way and gives advantage to the player who knows how to control them. Textures fit the theme, and never stray out of context. It's of decent size and could hold around ten or eleven people before becoming too over-crowded. Well done and I look forward to more from this author.

1-23-98    Cray Oh La Boxes    483K     DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Tom Hall
This level is nothing short of spectacular but then again you might expect that from ION Storm's second in command. The architecture was brilliant in most