October 2, 1998:

    I still haven't put out that darn new set of releases.   I'm working diligently on it.  Since I won't be able to hit the web machine until Monday, that's when they'll be.  So look for 'em.   I haven't been feeling well this last week, so things have been slow.   Plus the two new weapons are much more complicated then I had imagined.   I can say this much tho, they certainly don't behave like the rest of the weapons, they're really different and I hope you'll really dig 'em.   All the modelling is done, the female model is done, I still don't have ninja attack sounds for her though, which kinda puts me at an impasse, cuz I certainly can't make very womanly noises.  I'm going to ask my fiancee to make pissed off noises into a microphone, but I doubt she'll agree to it.   Therefore, if any of you female, are good impersonators thereof, or at least know one willing to aid me in my quest for sounds, you can send wav's at me at lordtofu@99main.com .     I'd say I need twelve, but those who have been listening carefully know that the male only has 6 sounds, and the same six sounds played backwards.  Sort of silly.  Anyway, most of the things I have left to do are just packaging it up and such, but I also want to improve the female's spear and shield.  The last thing this mod needs is to get dissed again on the front page of it's hosting site.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm a programmer, not a modeller, so if you think that any of the modelling really really sucks, well, chalk it up to me being a total amateur.   Please do not misinterpret that sentance, I'm not doing amateur modelling, I'm making quake models, and I'm not so good at it. 

September 23, 1998:

    I haven't updated much, cuz I've been busy.  I hope sometime real soon to put out a whole new round of releases.  They're will be a new release of Ninja/Eraser, a new NinjaCTF release, and a single player/coop release.  All three will include a few tweaks and fixes, a female ninja model, and (drum roll please) two new weapons.  I got a ton of great suggestions, and the two new ones will be a shield and a flail.   Meanwhile, you can check out a few advanced screenshots of Single Player/Coop Ninja Quake 2 in the SCREENSHOTS SECTION.

September 9, 1998:

    I added a SCREENSHOTS SECTION.  Due to popular demand, I'm going to take a minute to put in an offhand grapple.  It seems that some of the people really interested in this mod are LMCTF players (Hi Newbies).   Yeehaw.

    Addendum:  I'm real hungry, you'll have to wait for tomorrow for me to post the off hand grapple patch.  It seems done, but there were a few quirky things that came up that I'd want to make really sure are fixed.

September 7, 1998:

    I put a small vwep fix in that today.  If you got eraser ninja quake yesterday or this morning (before 2:23 EST), you'll want to grab it again to see ninja weapons correctly all the time.  Sorry about that.

September 6, 1998:

    As I type the eraser bot edition of ninja quake 2 is being uploaded.   I've tested ctf and deathmatch pretty well... well, better than I should have.   Didn't try any team deathmatch.  *shrug*.  It's looking pretty good.    For everyone trying to find a ninja quake server, this is some small consolation.  You can now beat up bots.  If you need help running the eraser bots there are plenty of great online guides for that.  I'd put up my own, but with number of options eraser has, well... It'd take up more room than the rest of my stuff.   I'd like to thank Ridah for his most excellent job in creating the eraser bot, it's quite a nice opponent.  As for the new melee weapon, I'm getting quite a few excellent suggestions, and that just rocks my world.  It's getting late and I should go home.  So enjoy the eraser bot ninjaquake, and if you see any nasty bugaboos, be sure to drop me a line at lordtofu@99main.com.   Woo Hoo.

September 4, 1998:

    This is a test.  If you don't see this and I screw up... You'll never know I did anything wrong.

September 3, 1998:

    Yep.  I may be a wee bit behind myself, but I'm still trying to get the eraser stuff out.  It WILL will be done this weekend.  Real Life™ will have to be halted.  Except no lame-ass excuses from Bohica.  If monday rolls around and it ain't done, please take the time to annoy me.  Apparently, Lurpe has quite a collection of screenshots from the match we had on the 26th.  I hope to post them tomorrow.  I got like 4 of them.  I looked at them, three of them are of absolutly nothing and one of them is a really good screen shot of a really big miss (and thus, a really kinda lame screen shot).  I'm still taking suggestions for a new melee weapon. So if you have an idea for a melee weapon, think of a special attack for it, and drop it to me at lordtofu@99main.com .  I've gotten a few good suggestions now, like a shield, and big ol' chain.   But I want more.

August 28, 1998:

    Yesterday I moved alot, today I put together a fix for the boomerang bug and the roll off the world bug.  See the downloads page for details.

August 26, 1998:

    I just played my first ever game of Ninjactf with someone outside of my office.  It was kindof a gratifying experience.  But it let me in on a few bugs that I really have to address.  There are some boomerang damage bugs that definately need some serious addressing.  Also, the claw roll / sword roll can occaisonally roll right off the map.  I can assure you that these bugs will be barbequed in a short time.