New Weapons:

fist.jpg (9042 bytes)


        When you have no other weapons, you fight bare handed.  The fist's special attack is a Spin Kick, which, although not very effective, can knock opponents out of your way.

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        Locating a shotgun will give you a boomerang,  There are times when you just can't get by with short range weapondry, for those times, there's the boomerang.  It's a very poor weapon, but useful.  The special attack with a boomerang is also a spinkick, lets face it, there's not too much special you can do with a boomerang.


The wicked flail takes the place of your double barrel.. It behaves somewhat differently in that you stick to victims you hit until you release the fire button. This causes them some (weenie) damage, but it's a good way to keep in touch. The special attack is a plain ol' spinkick, but I'm sure you'll find it far more effective if you are stuck to someone.

claws.jpg (8775 bytes)


        Three sharp steel blades that affix conveniently to the hand, makes for very quick and effective attacks.  You get the claw in place of a machine gun.  The special attack for claws is a rolling claw slash.

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        In place of the chaingun is the mighty sword, just the thing for slicing enemies in to tiny giblets.  The special attack for the sword is the swordspasm, where the player does a series of leaping thrusts, overhead swings, and rolling slashes in random fashion.

spear.jpg (6517 bytes)


        The grenade laucher is now the spear, a decent ranged (and reasonably vicious) stabbing weapon.  It's special attack is Death from Above, where the ninja leaps into the air in an attempt to impale his victim by landing on him.  This attack is quite powerful.

axe.jpg (6947 bytes)

    Pole Axe:

        A large pole-axe quite unlike Quake's axe replaces the Rocket Launcher.  It has a good range and mighty bite to it.  It has a special attack inspired by watching too much Xena and Hercules.  The ninja sticks the pole into the ground and spins around it, kicking all nearby victims.


It's a big hunk of metal you put in harms way to protect you, and it replaces the hyperblaster. This thing will eat up so much abuse you'll thing Buckminster Fuller himself invented it. Of course, it only protects from frontal assaults, but it's quite potent. You can whack people with it like any other weapon. It's special attack is to charge forward and try to smush victims against walls. It also deflects grenades and some blaster bolts like water off a ducks back. It's different, try it.

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    Big Honking Mallet:

        The Mallet is the weapon of choice for power, might and reach.  Striking a foe with the mallet will knock him back, quite nice for keeping other ninjas at bay.  The special attack is a brutal overhead crushing attack, great for serving up enemies as pancakes.  Find the railgun.

chainsaw.jpg (8939 bytes)


        Oh yeah... Here's something nasty and violent to cut in where the BFG left off.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of eviscerating your enemies with a chainsaw.  Unlike other ninja weapondry, Chainsaws run on cells.  The chainsaw has no special attack... nor does it need one.

In general, if a map supports the ninja mod, you will just see these items and be able to grab them.  Otherwise, you'll find each of these weapons by locating the alternate weapon listed.