This is list of frequently asked questions that haven't really been frequently asked, yet I feel compelled to answer them in question and answer format...  Therefore, I'm calling this a FAQ.  Maybe they are questions I frequently ask myself.

Q) Your keyboard settings stink.  How can I change them?

A) Follow this table:

To change the setting for: Bind a key to:
Special attack 'Ninja Attack'
Ninja leap 'Ninja Jump'
Cartwheel Left 'Ninja Roll Left'
Cartwheel Right 'Ninja Roll Right'
Melee Mode 'Ninja Melee Mode'

For example, type this at the console:

bind m "ninja melee mode"

To re-bind the spin and charge attacks, you need to set up an alias, like this:

alias +chg "ninja +charge"
alias -chg "ninja -charge"
bind s +chg

alias +spn "ninja +spin"
alias -spn "ninja -spin"
bind v +spn

Q) Why did you use the Male model?  Are you too much of a cheezy lowlife that you have to butcher Paul Steed's art? Make your own!

A)  Umm, I thought you would like the fact that you could use the abundance of available skins would make everything nicer.  Really, I'm working on a female ninja, it's just that the ninja's 350 some-odd frames of animation can be a wee bit daunting. Dammit Jim, I'm a software developer, not a modeller.  Chances are, if you like the new animations, Lurpe did em.

Q) Whatever possessed you to call it 'Ninja Quake II'?

A) All right, you caught me.  It's true that no ninja in his right mind would ever carry a Pole Axe as a weapon.  Nor would one ever be found in his right mind on the battlefield like a common soldier. But let's face it... Ninja Quake sounds a lot better the 'Melee Quake' or 'Martial Arts Quake', or even 'Strike-your-buddy-over-the-head-with-a-mallet-Quake II'.  Besides, I did make a Ninja mod for Quake I.