Latest and greatest build... Ninja Single Player/Coop/Deathmatch. From Monday October 19th.

This version has all the new trimmings. The two new weapons, the female ninja model, the ninja only cvar (which hasn't been tested thoroughly, so if you find a big bad bug with it, lemme know). Plus it's single player, and I know that alot people have been asking for it and I've be a serious delinquent about publishing it. It's never done, ya know. Maybe you don't, but it's an awful thing about mostly unplanned software projects is they tend do drag out and you tend to get sidetracked trying to implement unimportant features. I'm babbling I know but I think i'm entitled to.

Anyhoo... My pakfile creator has become mush, so the items included herein aren't paked. To run ninja quake download the listed file. Unzip it to you're quake2 directory. Start quake2, goto console, and type 'game ninjadm'. Then do whatever you would do, start a game, start a network game, yada yada. A small advantage to having this setup (no Pakfile), lame as it may seem, as that it allows you to set allow_download, and have players be able to freely start playing the game without going through the download. Zoiks, I'm babbling again.

Ninja Quake 2- Single Player / Coop / Deathmatch edition ('bout 5 meg).

Old stuff:       

Ninja Quake 2 with the Eraser Bot!:

        Download and unzip into your Quake2 directory.  Find an Eraser bot launcher.  Run it. 

               Ninja-Eraser bot edition (4162KB)

        For the sake of politeness and bandwidth issues, all I'm going to offer now is a version without the ThreeWave CTF maps and models and stuff.  To use this one, download it, unzip it into you're quake2 directory.  Then take pak0.pak from your CTF directory (i.e. c:\quake2\ctf\) and copy it into your NinjaCTF directory.  There are plenty of places you can get this ctf stuff, and if you haven't really tried it before, I'd advise you learn the art of playing ThreeWave CTF before you learn the fine art of ninja quake.

                NinjaCTF Without ThreeWave Stuff(2, 261KB)