Running a Ninja Quake II server:

    Running a NinjaCTF server is just like running a regular Threewave CTF server.  There is a server.cfg included in the download which can be used just like Threewave's server.cfg.

    There are a few console variables which I add to aid in development and running servers:

CVAR Effect:
Special_attack_cost This is the cost (in ninja strength) to perform the special attack. Default: 150.
i_max_nins Maximum unmodifed ninja strength of all players.Default: 200.
max_max_nins Maximum modified ninja strength of all players.Default: 400.
lock_on_team If  lock_on_team is set, melee mode will lock on to players on the same team as well as enemies.  The default is 0 (off).
ninja_swordspasm If ninja_swordspasm is set, the ninja may do a string of attacks when doing the sword special attack. The default is 1 (on).
fast_speed This is the speed of a ninja charging or doing a cartwheel. The deafult is 650.
debug_melee Leave it off, or everytime some does a ninja attack it will appear as if they are shooting a railgun.  The default is 0 (off).
spin_cartwheel This is a debugging aid for a not yet implemented feature
cam_autozoom If a ninja has not joined a team yet, they will see a camera view of players playing.  This controls whether or not the camera automatically changes field of view.  The default is 1 (on).
cam_min_fov,  cam_dist_divisor, cam_ratio_multiplier These are complex sounding variables which change how much cam_autozoom zooms in.  The formula used is:  fov = ((1/(distance to camera / cam_dist_divisor)) * cam_ratio_multiplier) + cam_min_fov.  If the camera view looks fine to you, and you aren't too close or to far away (I think it looks fine), then don't mess with these.  The defaults are (cam_min_fov , 15), (cam_dist_divisor , 7), and (cam_ratio_multiplier , 800)
ninja_alternate_weapon This determines whether or not the 'Alternate Weapon Code' is used, i.e. Railgun == Mallet.  If It's 0 or 1, it will automaically determine the correct setting.  If it's 2, this code is always on, and 3 is always off.
plus_item_plus_dam Determines how much extra damage ninjas do based on how many of their attacking weapon they have.
std_damage_multiplier Damage multiplier for all ninja attacks.  Good for evening the odds.  Default is 2.0.
ninjas_only Important flag, disallows joining players from being anything but ninjas.