Playing NinjaCTF:

    Becoming a ninja:

        1) Press ~ to goto console

        2) type 'exec ninja.cfg', this will setup everything you'll need setup.

    Being a ninja:

        1) You'll notice you ammunition has been replaced by an 'S' icon.  This is your ninja strength.  This is depleted when you use ninja moves and attacks.  It recovers all by itself very rapidly.  When you are low on ninja strength, you attacks do less damage.

        2)  You take no falling damage.

        3)  Since you can't use most of the conventional ammuntition, you cannot pick up grenades, rockets, bullets, or shells.   You may still pick up cells, as these are used by power armor and the chainsaw.

        4)   Adrenaline packs will give you a small boost to you maximum ninja strength, and a give you a give boost of temporary ninja strength.

        5)  Backpacks and bandoliers increase your maximum ninja strength as well.

    Using your new arsenal:

attack.jpg (3422 bytes)


            Normal attacks are done just like you have always done them.  Attacking drains you ninja strength.   When you are low on ninja strength, attacks do less damage.

special.jpg (3670 bytes)

        Special Attacks:

            Pressing 'F' will do special attacks, these vary from weapon to weapon.  See the 'New Weapons' section for the particulars.  This requires a significant amount of ninja strength.  If you don't have enought to perform the special attack, you'll do a kick instead.  It does kind of weenie damage, but knocks you opponent back a bit, and let's face it, it's fun do knock people into the lava.

spin.jpg (3330 bytes)

        Spin Attacks:

            Holding down 'V' will make you into a spinning whirlwind of destruction.  The Ninja will spin around quite rapidly, striking all within range until you run out of strength, or you stop pressing 'V'.

    Ninja Moves:

leap.jpg (2833 bytes)

        Ninja Leap:

            Pressing 'E' will make you jump significantly higher than a normal jump.

charge.jpg (2796 bytes)

        Ninja Charge:

            'S' will make you run forward faster than you can normally run. You will keep running forward until you run out of strength or release 'S'.

cartwhee.jpg (2924 bytes)

        Ninja Cartwheels:

            The keypad buttons 'Ins' and 'Del' make you do cartwheels to the left and right repectfully.  Great for dodging rockets and generally confusing opponents.

        Melee Mode:

            Pressing 'M' will toggle Melee Mode.  While in Melee mode, you will stay locked on to the first enemy you see until they leave you line of sight, or you exit melee mode.  While this gives the ninja a signifcant aiming advantage, your ninja strength will come back much more slowly, making it difficult to deal out any serious damage in melee mode.