Eric 'Bohica' Quinlan

    Models and skins:

        Paul 'LurpE' Mathieu

        Eric 'Bohica' Quinlan



        Silly ninja sounds and some other miscellaneous sounds by: Eric Quinlan


        Nathan 'Dead Boy Camping' Mathieu

    Special Thanks:

        My Pookie, for putting up with my incessant rambling about Ninja Quake, despite the fact that she really doesn't give a hoot about it.

        Bini 'The Blitz" for curteously and efficiently making the site possible.

        Id Software, for QuakeII and particularly for releasing the game source.

        Phillip Martin, for his Quake2 Modeller

        NPherno, for NPherno's Skin Tool.

        Ashley Bone, for Pak Explorer v1.2

        Sam Raimi, for inspriring the axe's special attack

        MSVC 5.0/6.0, for making my life simple.