Created: April 30, 1998
Alpha Metroid - Modeled by Sunspot, capture by Sunspot.
Look at whats lurking around the corner...could it be a Cacodemon?, no, much worse a Alpha Metroid. Don't worry, your eyes are not seeing things, there isn't a real skin on this puppy.
Created: April 30, 1998
Motion Detector - Created and captured by Ravenshadow.
This is exactly why it is impossible to create a TC by yourself these days, the idea of a pulse tracker was thrown into the "Easter Egg Basket" one day and our esteemed programmer Ravenshadow nocked out a working version in less than a couple of days. This Pulse Tracking device will show you the nearest location of Metroids in the area.
Created: April 25, 1998
Ice Beam - Programming by Nickman.
Take-two of the implementation in the Ice Beam, now it actually has a freezing skin...uh sort of....though half way from completion, this is a testing phase for weapon implementation, the next shot will have the final effect, we promise.
Created: April 24, 1998
Ice Beam - the instant popscicle maker. Captured by Nickman.
The first official screenshot of 98 and first product code of the programming team. This is the handy work of our estimeed programmer Nickman who is working on beam weapons. Look closely and you will see two beam effects in the works, the Spazer Laser beam and Ice beam. At the moment, the code can only freeze for 5 seconds, without changing the skin color, there is also no weapon modifications either. We will soon have another screenshot with these updates.
Created: November 22, 1997
Rendered by Sunspot
Metroid Queen - the most highly advanced creature in the universe, and voted most likely to give you a hard time on this TC.
This screenshot was made for a storyboard on the last level of the game just before you encounter the queen. If you thought she was easy to beat on the GameBoy, your DEAD wrong once you meet her in the TC. She isn't the queen because she just lays eggs, she is what evolution calls perfect. Her defenses will ensure you will know what pain feels like, she WILL fight back, she will munch on you, she will stomp on you, she will do everything to protect her species survival, after all she is the only one who can ensure it, this is the final stage of mutation that takes years to accomplish.
Created: October 06, 1997
Rendered by Sunspot
3D sketch of Mother Metroids lair before she took over it.
Before there were Metroids on Planet SR388, there lived a highly advanced culture underneath the planet, this is a picture of an air shaft that probably controlled the environment down here, as you can see, they were masters of metal, which also explains the many work robots and droids roaming around.
Created: September 24, 1997
Rendered by Sunspot
A Metroid "larva" hatches from its egg, the environment for such nests have to be a high in temperature and humidity.
Looks like a flashback from the movie Aliens doesn't it!, these "headhuggers" only come in a 1 pack from each egg and don't require a host morphisis. This is something you should expect to see as you get closer to the queen's lair, but there are a few scattered around in hidden areas that the queen keeps separate, I wonder why?.
Created: April 08, 1997
Top is a full model, to the right is a Omega Metroid from the manual, and at the bottom a screenshot capture from the game.
Back before there was a TC, GFedCmdr hired Sunspot to do a rendering of Queen Metroid for the web site Metroid Galaxy, this is a sketch of Sunspots model and edit notes from GFedCmdr for the next stage in rendering. This was the model that started the TC idea.

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