METROID TC DOWNLOADS: Official files of the Total Conversion of Metroid 2 for Quake 2.
1. Screen Saver - The Super Metriod Screensaver that was lost on the net when the former Metroid Galaxy went down, look for a screensaver for Metroid TC also. 5,042kb / Uploaded June 25 - 98
2. Web Site Font - you will need to download this font if you want to view the web page as it was designed, just install on your system font folder. This is a TrueType font. 35kb / Uploaded April 30 - 98
3. Desktop Theme - Super Metroid Desktop Theme that accomadates our screensaver, the original version that is destined to be updated. We are working on a desktop theme for Metroid TC and Metroid 2. 1,482kb / Uploaded June 25 - 98

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